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Releasing Emotions is

restoring balance

Are you ready to restore your emotional balance?

If you are here right now, a part of you is telling that you need to seek a deeper level of balance in your life. When you restore emotional balance, your life changes in a new direction. Feeling centered and balanced is the most amazing way to live your life!

My name is Frederic Payet and I have been a professional artist painter for 27 years and have seen the restorative and healing effect that art can have on the psyche of the human being


As an extension of the above, it is important that there is an understanding of how the Body Code works. As an Emotional / Body practitioner since 2011, I have also gained an understanding of how to identify and release trapped emotions and negative energies.

How Can I Help You

As a Certified Body Code practitioner, I have helped others to release trapped energies which contribute to:


CHRONIC PHYSICAL AILMENTS, such as, back pain, headaches, vertigo, diabetes, chest pain, knee pain, MS along with a host of other debilitating ailments.


EMOTIONAL DISORDERS such as anxiety, depression, phobias, fear and self sabotage...


UNDESIRABLE PET BEHAVIORS such as aggression, phobias and injuries. That's right, it works on pets too!

No matter what you feel right now, know that there is a purpose and a teaching that your conscious mind may not be able to understand but that is perfectly aligned with the path of your soul

Do negative emotions drive your life?


Trapped emotions and negative energies are the main cause of your stress and anxiety. They disrupt your efforts to restore emotional balance and restore peace of mind.

Have you ever felt a heart pain, a knot in the stomach, extreme nervousness, insomnia, anger or anxiety?


You have probably come to accept this condition as part of your life and you call it stress.However, the effects of stress are much more insidious than you think. Stress is a major contributor to major chronic and devastating diseases and life-threatening diseases.

Release trapped emotions


There are many studies on the harmful effects of mental stress on the immune system of people. Stress wreaks havoc on your immune system every second you feel.


This may be the case in many clinical studies.When you are subjected to repetitive stress, including small irritations of daily life, the activity of your natural killer cells decreases and their ability to make interferon decreases, so that your body can not fight the infections.It is estimated that 95% of all diseases have an emotional element.


The healing of physical and mental conditions is related to your ability to restore emotional balance.Repetitive negative emotions cause a negative state of being that creates a blockage of energy in the body that manifests itself as a physical illness.


What People Say

The Emotion Code was totally an abstract concept for me, but I decided to try it because I deeply believe that emotions are destructive. Frederic worked with me and a major transformation started in my all body : I lost weight, changed in food tastes (less sugar), slept better and much more self love & confidence .
I would recommend the emotion code to anyone as a key opener to you deep soul.....

Annick, Canada

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