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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a typical remote session (Skype, phone)?

It begins with a short conversation about what you're hoping to improve or what issues you want to clear. I will then connect to you energetically - something we like to think of as "human energy wi-fi You may feel the connection but surely energy will start moving. I will then ask your subconscious a series of questions, designed to lead me to the root of the imbalance. As blocks are identified, I will release them from your energy then your body will start to heal itself at its own pace.

When will I start seeing results?

It depends on people and what is at stake. It can be immediate or few hours, next day and so on. I would say whenever your body and subconscious mind are ready to let go.

Are there any side effects?

Some people do experience 1 or 2 days of processing where they feel tired, sleepy, thirsty, unsettled, have vivid dreams or detox symptoms (achy, runny nose, stomach upset, etc). These discomforts will pass and are not a cause for undue worry. To put things in perspective, most of the people I’ve worked with feel better after a session, and the processing symptoms, if any, are very mild.

What people say about getting positive results?

Once energy blocks are released, they're gone forever, so I am confident that each client will experience benefits ( Short and long term). Because of the personal nature of energy work, it isn't always possible for the practitioner to know the full extent of their impact on a client's life, but the responses I have received have been overwhelmingly positive - sometimes in surprising ways.

How do you actually find the negative energies and remove them?

With many years of intense study and practice, I have developed the ability to read energy and using kinesiology ( Muscle testing). In a session, my questioning of a client's subconscious through our energetic connection systematically leads me to blocked energy. Through emotional intention, I am able to release those blocks and transform the energy to a more positive vibration.

Is there any kind of follow-up to our appointment?

Yes absolutely . I will contact you in the next few days to check on you if everything is all right. Please feel free to contact me as well.

How many sessions will I need?

Most single issues take between 1-3 sessions to clear. Remember, the idea isn't to spend your life in sessions. It's to clear the issue and move on to a better life where you're empowered to manage your own energy. However, it is common for clients who have had success in energy work to book additional appointments, so that they can clear other energy blocks as they seek to achieve their goals.

What People Say

My son Brandon who is now 13 year old had been constipated since age 7. It has been a nightmare because he would only go to the bathroom 2 or 3 time a week and sometime once. We tried everything in the book with no success. I was amazed that after only one session with Frederic , he was back to normal. He

never met him or talk to him but simply using his name and doing this long distance. Wow.

Elizabeth, Cuba

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