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The subject of money is really two subjects: (1) money, plenty of money, and (2) absence of money, not nearly enough money. Often people assume that because they are speaking the words “I want more money,” they are speaking positively about money. When you are feeling fear or discomfort as you speak, you are not speaking of the subject of money, you are speaking of the subject of not enough money. And the difference is very important, because the first statement brings money and the second holds it away.

Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction

What the Emotion Code can do for your Finances and Health

In order to be successful and to have better health, you must be able to eliminate all blockages and all negative programs that prevent you from reaching your full potential. To ensure your success, using the tools of the Emotional Code®, I propose to be your guide on this path in order to:


1 / Release the negative energies and programs that cause your financial blockages, poor health and weight gain.


2 / Release all the fears related to your financial and health.


3 / Release the negative heart energies that cause addictions related to health problems and financial abundance.

The Results


1 / To find a clearer mind and a better vision of the future.


2 / Attract financial prosperity, attract more opportunities in your life and improve your health.


3 / Change the old programs that create repetitive frustration, fear etc..


4 / Create new programs in order to manifest what you desire more quickly.


5 / De-programming of old programs and re-programming of new ones.

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